Why Choose Us?

Our Pool Filter / Pump enclosures have so many unique features that can only be found on our boxes -  so don't be fooled by imitation:

 The boxes enjoy a unique design which simply 'clips' together to assemble. So they REALLY take from as little as 15 minutes to assemble

 Quality Australian made galvanized steel (0.9mm thick) so they will withstand the test of time

 Thick powder coating. We do our own powder coating in-house so we can control and guarantee the level / thickness of the coating

 Denser Acoustic Foam than other products on the market

 Our boxes have unhindered access across the front. So you don't need to be 'ducking' under a bar when servicing the equipment

 The top lid sits on mechanical gas struts. You can lift them (and keep them) up at any height level with one finger. And you won't be using a 'metal bar' / other objects to open the lid !

 Tested ventilation gaps that also allow for wirings / conduits in and out of the box

 Unrivaled service - we guarantee to reply to your inquiry on the same business day, whether it is by phone or email

 We're open all day - so our customers can visit our factory / warehouse at their convenience

 Money back guarantee. Our boxes are superior in quality &  design. So if you find any fault with any of our boxes we will refund you / exchange with no questions asked

 Delivery turn-around time of less than 3 days for most orders

 Easier ordering process - you can order online, by email or by phone – whatever is convenient for you.

  Easier payment process – including Visa , MasterCard & American Express at NO additional surcharge – so you can earn those frequent flyer points now!

 We go beyond the call of duty to ensure we deliver a professional service to you and your clients – just ask our customers!

  We deliver on time. We will tell you the same day you place the order what day and even what time the box will be delivered.

 Our driver will hand unload the box in the exact location you want the box left

 We have over a huge variety of sizes available in stock – no additional lead times! With various heights, widths, depths & backless.

 We custom fabricate any size


With so many reasons to use The Pool Filter Cover, why risk using other inferior products / services?

 Get it right the first time and ensure your customers have the best product and service experience.

"We deliver our Pool Filter Covers / Soundproof Enclosures Australia-wide including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & other regional areas using door to door service."